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Fall In South Florida

The cool weather has made its way to South Florida…Finally!!!!  This is the time of year when working outside (or in the attic of your house) is actually bearable.  It’s also the time of year when locals can spot the people from out of town on vacation.  The locals are wearing long pants, sweaters and even ski parkas; while the folks from out of town are swimming in the ocean or in the pools at the hotels!   Let’s face it…if the water is not at least 80 degrees…we’re not going in!  And for you animal lovers out there, this is the time of year to let your pets spend quality time outside.  Take your pets for a walk, get some exercise (walk off those holiday meals) and enjoy the cool weather!  Please keep in mind that just because the weather is cooler doesn’t mean that the sun’s rays are any less intense.  If you plan on working or playing outside for any length of time, please remember the sunscreen.  Take this time of year as a healthy and productive opportunity to get outside and accomplish some of your goals that the hot weather may make...

Holiday Shopping

We are counting down the weeks to Black Friday and Cyber Monday which means that the shopping season is about to move into overdrive!  Remember that your Credit Union has a host of products and services to make your shopping a bit easier.  If you are SecureLink Online Banking member, remember that you have access to all of your transactions 24/7 via the internet.  If you are out and about without an internet connection, remember that Simon Says, our audio response teller, is just waiting for your call to give you the latest information on your account! Remember to take your Power Financial Credit Union VISA Check Card with you for your purchases.  Your check card is welcome anywhere the VISA logo is displayed. comes the triple play for those of you who are online banking members, have a checking account, and a Power Financial Credit Union VISA Check Card because you can become a member of the free debit rewards program.  What is the debit rewards program you ask?  You simply log into online banking and look at the right hand side of the account summary page to see what offers you have from merchants.  Click the offers from the merchants that you want to participate in and go shop at those merchants using your Power Financial Credit Union VISA Check Card.  The rebates from the offers you are participating in will be automatically calculated and deposited into your Power Financial Checking Account at the beginning of the following month.  There are no coupons to remember and no waiting for rebate checks or gift cards in the...

Election Day

Yesterday America picked its 57th President.  Hopefully you made it to a voting booth and participated in democracy.  Writing this blog at the same time I was scanning the ballot (I like to download the ballot from the Internet and plan ahead) reminded me of the great freedom that we have in the United States.  We have the freedom to vote for our candidate of choice without fear of reprisal or by casting a vote in what we know is a fixed election.  We have the freedom to write or say anything we want about the political system and/or the President of the United States. So on this post election day, let’s just be thankful that we have freedom.  There is nothing cliché or nostalgic about living in the greatest country in the world….we just do.  For a moment amid all of the chaos from the global financial crisis, the international political wars, the threat of terrorism, and the general malaise that comes from an injured economy let’s be thankful that we have freedom.  It is the founding principle of this country and one that should not be taken lightly.  Here’s to you...

SecureLink Online Banking Upgrade

You may recall that in February of this year, we implemented the first phase of ‘Enhanced Login Security’ that protects our members against online fraud by providing an additional authentication ‘factor’ beyond your username and password through the use of a one-time access code that could be sent via text message, email , or phone call.  The reason for implementing this ’Enhanced Login Security’ is three-fold: To increase log in security that prevents unauthorized access into member accounts. To implement a security upgrade that has been requested by members at our Town Hall Meetings. To meet the increased regulatory security requirements designated by the Federal Financial Institutions Exam Council (FFIEC). The one time access code implementation was our first step in a two step process to increase the member login security within SecureLink Online Banking.  The second step in this process will occur on November 28th and will require the creation of a stronger user name and password to log into SecureLink Online...

Hurricane Sandy

It finally feels like the weather in South Florida is starting to cool down.  Maybe we can have a Halloween this year where the kids are not perspiring in their costumes by the time they reach the second house during the trick or treating festivities!  One thing is for sure and that is that this Halloween will not feel the same for our friends in Virginia through Maine as Hurricane Sandy prepares for landfall within the next 24 hours.  Having young children at home myself, I remember their disappointment when Hurricane Wilma ruined Halloween for South Florida in 2005.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to family, friends, and acquaintances as they await the arrival of...