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The Right Tools Can Make All the Difference

Since its creation in March 2010, Pinterest has served as a source of inspiration for DIY enthusiasts around the world. With millions of gorgeous photos featuring home-décor innovations, recipe creations, and crafting ideas, the social media service has helped revolutionize many a home interior. Over time, however, an unintended—yet wildly entertaining—phenomenon surfaced: The Pinterest Fail.  When you browse a gallery of Pinterest Fails, you see the difference between theory and application. Knowing how to do something doesn’t necessarily mean you have the right tools to complete the project. While some of the results range from aesthetically tragic to downright hilarious, they each highlight the fact that head knowledge isn’t enough. Using the proper tools can make all the difference. In much the same way, following a budget is a simple concept. But without the right tools to keep you on track, you can experience a financial version of a Pinterest Fail. Money Management™ Gives You the Budgeting Tools You Need.  By adding the Money Management feature to our already impressive list of online and mobile banking features, Power Financial Credit Union makes it easier for you to follow your budget. While it’s still up to you to manage your income and expenses, this convenient new service provides consistent guidance and feedback that lets you know when you’re doing well and when you need to adjust. To keep the task from being too overwhelming, Money Management breaks down your support into four customizable categories: Tracking It’s tough to budget effectively if you don’t know where your money is going. Tag specific transactions, track your spending habits, and establish a cash-flow...
Are Meal Delivery Services Really Worth the Money?

Are Meal Delivery Services Really Worth the Money?

  With almost $5 billion in sales in 2017 alone, it’s safe to say meal delivery services are catching on. If you haven’t sampled the savory selections from companies like Blue Apron, Hello Fresh, or Home Chef already, you’ve probably seen more than a few of their sponsored ads pop up in your social media feeds. You may even know someone who uses the services for themselves. While these chef-designed, pre-packaged meals can be a phenomenal way to try new recipes, are they a solid choice for stretching your grocery budget? According to a recent Morning Consult poll, 59% of survey respondents listed high costs as their main concerns. But with projections suggesting the meal-delivery industry could grow to over 11 billion dollars by 2022, it seems like plenty of consumers are still willing to jump on the meal delivery bandwagon. The widespread appeal appears to be based on a variety of factors other than monetary savings. Costs can be measured in more than money.  Meal delivery services enjoy the highest popularity among millennials and individuals earning more than $100,000 a year, particularly those living in cities. These results point to the fact that busy people appear to value time savings and food quality as much as, if not more than, financial savings. Time Cost There’s no denying that it takes time to plan your meals, create a grocery list, and actually shop for the food. By creating recipes and sending all the ingredients right to your door, companies like Blue Apron and Hello Fresh can save you the time you’d normally spend on planning and shopping. The busier you are, the...