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I Didn’t Agree to This

What to say when your friend sets you up on a surprise blind date…

I didn’t agree to this. With Bank of America’s recent decision to eliminate free checking accounts, many consumers are taking a closer look at their banking options. By shifting all eBanking customers over to their Core Checking program, the banking giant quietly saddled those account holders with minimum balance and direct deposit requirements. That means lots of people will now be charged a $12 fee each month. For those who will struggle to meet the new Core Checking requirements, paying an additional $144 per year is unacceptable. Fortunately, it’s also unnecessary.

Think local.

You go to concerts at twenty-person venues, buy your clothes from boutiques, and drink coffee from closet-sized storefronts. Why? Because you value quality local products and attentive customer service. Apply this logic to your financial management and you’ll realize that the big banks might not be the best option to fit your needs. If you’re one of the millions paying more than you should for a big bank checking account, moving your money to a credit union is a great life choice. Since we’re local, we make decisions based on what’s best for our members and our community—not just our bottom line. 

Tell me more.

It’s time to switch. Let’s be honest, moving your finances doesn’t sound fun. It sounds like a ton of tedious work and a lot of hand cramps from filling out endless forms. But it’s not all bad, thanks to a combination of in-branch assistance and our Switch Kit, upgrading to a better financial institution has never been easier. Best of all, we’re a not-for-profit institution, so you can rest easy knowing we will never blindside you with additional charges.

Make the switch today!