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Life Events

We believe in the power of family. Here, we hear you. We respect you. And we treat you like family!

Together, generation after generation!

As a member of Power Financial Credit Union, you are part of a big family that looks out for one another. We have been here for well over 60 years, and many of our families have been with us for generations.

We’re committed to being there for you in all the major events of your life, and you can count on us through good times and tough times. And we’ll do it with the best personal service you’ll find anywhere. We offer comprehensive, customized banking services to our members – the best products and the fairest rates around. We answer only to our members.

For your momentous events – graduations, raising your family, purchasing a home, getting married, family financial planning, and on and on – you can trust us with all your financial needs.  We hear you. We respect you. And we treat you like family.

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