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LifeLock Identity Theft Protection

For peace of mind, protect your credit and personal information. Sign up today.

Protecting your identity is important!

“This site is run by Power Financial Credit Union, a contracted Affiliate of Lifelock, and is not owned nor operated by Lifelock, Inc.” Because Power Financial Credit Union cares about you – and your family – we’ve partnered with LifeLock to protect your personal identity from the fastest growing crime in America. You can protect yourself, your spouse and your children with LifeLock:the only identity theft prevention system of its kind. Backed by a $1 million guarantee, LifeLock blocks the avenues thieves typically use to steal personal identities. What LifeLock provides you:

  • Identity theft prevention – not after-the-fact help
  • Locks out personal identity theft thieves with a reliable, certified process
  • Stops pre-approved credit offers and drastically reduces junk mail
  • Offers free credit reports and a streamlined credit application process
  • Protection of your personal identity for adults and for children.

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