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SecureLink Priority Lending

No need to make inquiries! Loans you qualify for are automatically made available to you in your online banking!

Have lending needs but can’t visit our branch?

Power Financial Credit Union Priority Lending

Our members are busy professionals with 9 to 5 hours and even busier weekends. Understanding your available options no longer requires you to take off from work or limit valuable weekend family time! If your family is in need of extra cash to purchase a few items for the home, buy a new vehicle, or to send one of your children to college, SecureLink Priority Lending automatically shows you all of the loan options that your qualify for!

What is SecureLink Priority Lending?
If you qualify for any loan offers, they will automatically be visible on the account summary page when you log in to online banking. You also receive a letter in the mail delivered to your address on file with the same qualifying loan information. Currently, the loans available through SecureLink Priority Lending are Auto Loans, Signature Loans and FAST Personal Lines of Credit.

How do I accept the loan?
SecureLink Priority Lending is fast, easy, and convenient. With just a few clicks and a few questions, you can accept the loan and meet your family’s goals with the right loan. Rest easy! As with all of our loans, SecureLink Priority Lending comes with our lowest possible qualifying rates and affordable repayment options, and, where applicable, no payments for 90 days!

Features and Benefits of SecureLink Priority Lending:

  • Peace of mind that comes with always knowing your financial options
  • Accept your loan offers online from the comfort of your home or office
  • Apply 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at any time
  • Save time and needless worries
Online Bill Pay

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Online Bill Pay 

Save time & money – an easy way to track and pay bills.