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SecureLink Purchase Rewards

Access Cash-Back Offers Anytime, Anywhere, As You Shop.

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Take your cash-back offers with you as you shop to make the most of your rewards!

Whenever you’re out and about shopping, use your Power Financial Credit Union Visa® Debit Card and start getting the most out of your purchases! Whether you’re keeping track of your activated offers or receiving new offers, your purchase rewards will follow you wherever you go! Each offer you receive will provide details about when and where to shop to earn your rewards. You can access the SecureLink Purchase Rewards from online banking or on your mobile app.

Features and Benefits of the SecureLink Purchase Rewards:

• Receive new offers even while you’re out.

• Tap on offers right from your mobile device to instantly load them on your Power Financial Credit Union Visa® Debit Card.

• Keep track of offers you’ve already activated.

• Get directions to the nearest stores to redeem offers when it’s most convenient.

• Activate new offers right when and where you need them.




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