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Consumer Alert!

Be Aware of this Scam

Consumer Alert: Unauthorized use of OFR information and branding

The Florida Office of Financial Regulation (OFR) has recently been made aware of a scam that involves the unauthorized use of the agency’s information and branding. The scam was sent to consumers via mail in the form of a counterfeit letter. The letter states that the recipient has been approved for the release of a large sum of money and will be contacted again regarding the release of funds once all documents are certified. It details a reference transfer code and the names of recognized banking institutions. In addition, the counterfeit letter contains the logo, address, names, and forged signature of the OFR personnel, all of which are used without authorization. The OFR urges consumers to be aware of this scam. If a loan or prize looks too good to be true, it probably is. The OFR does not release lottery winnings or loans to anyone. Any documentation detailing the propagation of prize money or loans from the OFR is a red flag. Scam artists work hard to make fraudulent documents look legitimate and will often use the names of established, well-known organizations to trick unsuspecting victims. For your financial security, read any documentation regarding money transfers carefully and verify its authenticity through the appropriate organization. If you feel that may be a victim of fraud or to report suspicious activity, file a complaint with the OFR online, or call 850.487.9687.

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