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Track Spending More Effectively with Money Management

Tracking your spending used to be an ongoing and neverending task. To live is to spend and that spending has to be tracked somehow. Times change and pen and paper, once your most reliable option, were made obsolete with the introduction of computers, excel, and the game-changing spreadsheet. While spreadsheets brought with them some much needed added features like built-in calculation and a customizable grid, it still required diligent manual input and oversight.

With the increasing connection between your financial information and your phone, it is now possible to automate expenditure tracking to a degree of detail that would have previously required cutting your hours back to part-time. Furthermore, this technology can boil those trends down into easy-to-digest graphs and charts that give you insight and suggestions on your spending habits. With optional email or text alerts backing it all up, you’ll never feel out of the loop when it comes to your accounts. That’s why we reached out to an industry leader for help in making this a reality.

We don’t think you should be wasting your time stressing lines on a spreadsheet or staring at a computer screen poring over your daily/weekly/monthly/yearly spending. We are proud to provide Money Management to help you effortlessly monitor your spending easier and more effectively. Money Management is a personal financial wellness tool designed to help you track all account activity in a streamlined and easy to manage platform.

We chose to offer Money Management after experiencing its all-encompassing financial summarization functionality. This functionality allows you to track spending, create a budget, and assists in improving overall financial well-being. It’s free and available to all Power Financial Credit Union Members.

Access Money Management today through online banking or your Power Financial Credit Union app. Easily link your external accounts and your are ready. Take advantage of all the available technology and reap the benefits of constant effortless tracking as well as free advice and insights on your spending ranging in detail from daily spending to annual trends.

The tools to make your goals a reality are out there. Make the most of the resources at your fingertips in Money Management today.

Give us a call with any questions you have about Money Management at 800.548.5465.