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Same Faces. More Products. Enhanced Access.

As a Ryder System Federal Credit Union member, you’re probably wondering what the upcoming merger means for you. We’re excited to have you join the family and enjoy the enhanced features and services that come with your new Power Financial Credit Union membership. We’ve put together answers to some of your most common questions. Click here for the Merger Conversion Guide!

Will I have to re-apply for membership?

No. Your membership will continue with Power Financial Credit Union.

Will my account number change?

Yes. Your member number will change as of October 1, 2016.  Your new account number is now 9 digits in length and consists of a prefix (771) and your Ryder System Federal Credit union member number. If your member number combined with the 771 prefix does not equal nine digits, then please insert zeros between the 771 prefix and the member number to create a nine digit member number.  For example, if your Ryder System Federal Credit Union member number is 9999, you would register with 771009999.  771 (first three digits) + 00 (next two digits) + 9999 (last four digits) creates the nine digit member number.

Will my direct deposit be affected?

No, your payroll or social security checks will be deposited into your savings or checking account just like you have it set up now.

Will my checks still work?

Yes. You can continue to use your current checks just as you always have. When it is time to re-order, you will switch to Power Financial branded checks.

Will my recurring debits attached to my debit card still work?

No. You will need to contact the payee (e.g. gym, power company) and provide them with your new Power Financial Credit Union debit card number for all transactions after October 3, 2016.

When will I receive a new Power Financial debit card for my checking account?

You will receive a new Power Financial Credit Union debit card for your checking account between September 12 and September 24, 2016. The new card cannot be activated until October 3. On that date, please activate your card using the instructions provided or by calling 1.866.830.0832.

What about my current ATM/Debit card from Ryder System Federal Credit Union? Will it still work?
You may continue using your Ryder System Federal Credit Union ATM/Debit card through October 2, 2016. Due to the data system conversion, your Ryder System Federal Credit Union ATM/Debit card(s) will work in limited mode starting at 1:00pm Friday, September 30, 2016. After October 2, 2016, you will need to destroy your Ryder System Federal Credit Union ATM/Debit card and begin using your new Power Financial Credit Union ATM/Debit card.

Please note:
 Please plan to have cash on hand or other methods of payment to cover any urgent needs you may have during the conversion.
How can I change my PIN for my new Power Financial debit card?

You may call us at 1.800.548.5465 for PIN mailer reminder, visit a Power Financial Credit Union branch to change the PIN on your debit card or request a PIN mailer online at


Now for the good news!

We are happy to have you join the family. This merger will offer you increased convenience in the form of five additional branch locations, more fee-free ATMs, access to over 5,000 Shared Branching locations and expanded call center hours.  You’ll also have access to new features including remote deposit capture (e-deposits), Mobile Banking, and Online Financial Management Tools. Additional questions? Click here to read the full list of merger FAQs.